Air Tool S2 A100

Pneumatic Tool and Rock Drill Oils

  • Reliable Protection
  • Mist Lubrication

Shell Air Tool S2 A has been developed to meet the special lubrication requirements of pneumatic tools, including percussion type pneumatic tools subjected to the most arduous conditions. They are designed to maintain high oil film strength and effectively lubricate even the most demanding requirements of pneumatic drill impact mechanisms as well as providing excellent mist lubrication of general purpose air tools.

Download: Air Tool S2 A100 Technical Data Sheet


Tonna S2 M 68

Machine tool slideway oils

  • Extra Separation from Coolants

Shell Tonna S2 M oils are specially designed for the lubrication of machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms. Their enhanced tackiness and stick-slip characteristics combine to offer superior frictional performance on slideways. They are specially recommended in cases where high exposure to soluble cutting fluids exist.

Download: Tonna S2 M 68 Technical Data Sheet


Catenex S523

Paraffinic Process Oil

Shell Catenex Oils S are paraffinic process oils manufactured via the solvent extraction process. They are general purpose process oils used as extender or carrier fluids.

Download: Catenex S 523 TDS


Brake Fluid



AeroShell Fluids and Greases

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Degreasing Fluid

Premium Degreaser

Shell Degreasing Fluid is a premium performance degreasing fluid which is designed to meet the stringent requirements of an oil and grease solvent and still maintain premium safety standards. Shell Degreasing Fluid incorporates a unique solvent base to penetrate oil and grease bound dirt. Shell Degreasing Fluid also contains an emulsifier which permits easy removal with water.

Download: Shell Degreasing Fluid Technical Data Sheet


Flushing Oil

Shell Flushing Oil 32 is a very low sulphur content non-detergent industrial Group II flushing oil that is suitable for the flushing removal of light hydrocarbon based industrial fluid systems.


Food Grade Lubricants


Metalworking Fluid


Food Grade Lubricants