The Leading Bunker Fuel Supplier in the Philippines: Lubri-Chem


To anyone who owns or manages marine vessels, it is important to know who the leading bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines is. Lubri-Chem boasts high-quality service to its partners in the maritime industry since 1975, providing them with the best performing lubricant oil and other industrial lubricants in the Philippines

The maritime industry in the Philippines is flourishing as it is a vital part of the economy. Marine vessels are constantly in use so maintaining them should be a priority. These ships are powered by bunker fuel, and along with it, lubricants are also a necessity.


What are Bunker Fuel Lubricants?

Bunker fuel is a term that refers to the fuel that makes a ship run. In other words, this is the marine vessel equivalent of a car’s gas. There is a huge difference between a car engine and a ship engine. That’s why bunker fuels are more specially-made for the purpose of marine vessels. Because of the nature of seafaring, the chemical composition of the fuel is important.

Like any, a ship’s engine needs lubrication oils to function well and properly. These lubricants need to be designed for the specific engine type, marine vessel, fuel type, and other specifications. This is because the main engine lubrication oil system will distribute it throughout the parts of the engine. Any good bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines should have a selection of high-quality lubricants.


Uses of Bunker Fuel Lubricants

Because of the role of lubricants in the engine of the ship, it is important to know their different uses. Why are bunker fuel lubricants so important? What do they do?

Protects Machinery

First, a lubricant will provide a certain amount of protection for your machinery. Lubricants both reduce friction between moving parts and protect against rust. With too much friction, not only would machinery stop working efficiently, it might even cause damage. On the other hand, rust is a constant threat to any metal machinery. That’s why the best lubrication oil would be resistant to oxidation.

A coating of lubricant would also protect from any possible external contaminants like water and dust. As a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines, we keep in mind the environment of Philippine ports and seas when we distribute our products.

Prolongs the Life of Components

Lubricants effectively reduce wear in the components of any machinery. The engine works all the time, and its parts can easily wear down and stop working if not properly lubricated. 

The ship’s machinery is vulnerable to many threats of wear and damage. One of the most important is acid corrosion. Because of its composition, bunker fuel is very acidic. The sulfur content in bunker fuel has recently been more regulated, but a small amount will still cause damage. By avoiding wear, rust, and corrosion, the life of the components will be longer.

If a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines has lubricants, it will surely have some acid-neutralizing properties to slow down corrosion and maintain the quality of the engine’s parts.

Keeps Engines Clean and Working

Engines and other delicate machinery cannot be cleaned by water. Instead, are kept clean by constant lubrication, making it another use of the bunker fuel lubricant. As mentioned earlier, grease and lubrication oil would project machinery from dust and other contaminants. This would keep the engine clean, working, and fully functional.


Why Lubri-Chem is The Leading Bunker Fuel Lubricant Supplier in the Philippines

Lubri-Chem offers the best performing lubricants, fuels, and other products in the Philippines. We are also the leading bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines, supporting the marine industry in the way that we could. We claim these titles because Lubri-Chem:

Offers Only High-Performance Products

The products we offer are developed by teams of scientists, researchers, engineers, and other professionals. We distribute products that have been used for years and are still widely in use in the industry today. Any bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines should keep the quality and performance of their products a priority. Our expertise and experience in marine-related lubricants and fuels will surely enhance your operations. We also have confidence in the companies manufacturing the products we distribute. 

Features Shell Products

Lubri-Chem has a partnership with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC), making us an authorized distributor of Shell products. Shell has been at the top of the petroleum and energy industry, and its products are often the first choice of marine engineers in the Philippines. The company’s reputation speaks for itself, and as a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines, we ensure that our clients only get premium fuels and lubricant oils and products. 

Has a Wide Selection of Lubricant Oils for Marine Vessels

In marine vessels, the machinery needs to be properly maintained to keep functioning. The health of the machine and all other components will dictate how well the vessel does its job as well as the safety of everyone on board.

As the leading bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines, Lubri-Chem has marine lubricants for different purposes, all that may fit the needs of any seafaring vessel. These greases and oils ensure the efficiency of all parts of the vessel. In addition to marine engine oil lubricants, our product range also includes air compressor oils, refrigeration oils, turbine oils, and even Shell Onboard Plus test kits to check for contamination.


Bunker Fuel Lubricants from Lubri-Chem

As any bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines should, Lubri-Chem distributes a variety of marine engine oil lubricants from Shell. Our lubricants are designed for different purposes and engines, and each of them comes with its own technical data sheet that you may download. Here are some of our marine engine oil lubricants:

Shell Alexia

  • We offer both Alexia 50 and Alexia S6
  • Cylinder lubricants for low-speed diesel engines
  • Good acid-neutralizing properties for low-speed vessels
  • For engines that burn heavy fuel oil and residual oil with high sulfur levels respectively

Shell Gadinia

  • We offer both Gadinia S3 30 and S3 40
  • Lubricants for medium-speed marine diesel engines
  • For engines that burn distillate, hybrid, and biofuels
  • Has longer oil life, engine protection, and efficiency

Shell Melina

  • We offer Melina S 30
  • Multifunctional lubricant for low-speed marine diesel engines
  • High levels of machinery protection
  • Can be used in different marine equipment
  • Not to be used for trunk-piston engines

Shell Argina

  • We offer Argina S2 40, S3 30 and 40 Local, and S4 40 Local
  • Multifunctional crankcase lubricants intended for high-rated and medium-velocity engines operating in high stress
  • Designed for different fuels and levels of oil stress

Shell Caprinus

  • We offer Caprinus HPD 40
  • Railroad diesel engine oil that has some marine engine applications
  • Premium grade, heavy-duty, crankcase oil

Note: These are only some specifications of the lubricants and it is best to get more information from the technical data sheet of each. You may view them here.


Get your Lubricants from Lubri-Chem: The Leading Bunker Fuel Supplier in the Philippines!

If your engine department is in need of engine lubricants, you can get some from us, the leading bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines! Feel free to explore more of our products and services to learn how we can help.

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