Lubri-Chem: The Leading Bunker Fuel Supplier in the Philippines


To anyone in the business of manufacturing, marine, and the like, it is important to partner with a reliable bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines. Lubri-Chem boasts high-quality products and services to its partners in various industrial sectors since 1975, providing them with the best-performing fuels and industrial lubricants in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, numerous industries are vital parts of the economy. Power plants, steel mills, fabrication machinery, and marine vessels are constantly in use, so powering and maintaining them should be a priority. These operations can continue 24/7 thanks to a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines providing a vital power source — bunker fuel.


What are Bunker Fuels?

To start, what exactly is bunker fuel? A supplier in the Philippines may also call them fuel oils, industrial heating oils, heavy oils, or furnace oils. Strictly speaking, these names refer to the heaviest commercial fuels made from refined crude oil. Bunker fuels are obtained as a distillate or residue of the distillation process.

Different kinds of oils, fuels, and other byproducts are made by distilling crude oil or refined petroleum. Crude oil is heated and put into a still, where different products boil off and are gathered at different temperatures. Lighter products, like butane, are gathered first. Mid-range products, like kerosene and diesel fuel, are gathered next. The heaviest products, like bunker fuels, are taken last.


Uses of Bunker Fuel 

There are many different types of bunker fuel available for sale from a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines such as Lubri-chem. Some grades work well for transportation use, for cooking, for processing steel, et cetera.

These bunker fuels are liquid fuels used in various industrial applications. Mainly, they are put in furnaces or boilers to generate heat or steam which is used to cook or process another material. Or, they’re used in engines to generate thermal or steam energy, which is converted into power.


The Benefits of Using Bunker Fuels

Bunker fuel offers several practical benefits that make it a useful material for industrial and maritime uses:

Stable Heating Value

Lubri-chem only supplies legitimate and high quality bunker fuel that has consistent heating value, which ensures boilers, engines, and furnaces operate more efficiently, thereby providing significant savings and peace of mind to clients.

Safe and Secure

Bunker fuel is not explosive; it can only be ignited when using a specific machine or system. They can be transported by a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines, stored, and used in boilers and furnaces without any safety issues. On the off chance that leakage or spillage occurs, they will not ignite even when exposed to open fire.

Economical and Reliable

Bunker fuel from a supplier in the Philippines tends to be much cheaper to use than gas or electricity. This is especially true in large-scale operations, such as steel mills, manufacturing plants, and marine vessels. Bunker fuel is also a very efficient power source, so your usage tends to be much smaller than most think.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Bunker fuels, despite being one of the heavier grades of refined oil, are cleaner and lighter than most expect. This clean fuel offers reliable performance and efficiency at a reduced environmental impact, even in the most demanding conditions.


Industries that Use Bunker Fuels

Many industries make use of the advantages and benefits that bunker fuels offer. As a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines, Lubri-Chem’s products are often used in industrial settings. You can find our bunker fuels at work in metal manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, pharmaceutical factories, and more.

Steel Manufacturing

Steel plants and other metal manufacturing facilities use fuel energy as their main power source, which comes from products like bunker fuels. Bunker fuels provide a source of heat for different heating furnaces, and this heat is used to melt or cook raw steel, allowing it to be processed. In some cases, bunker fuels are also used to power smaller equipment and machinery for their operation.


Modern health care relies on bunker fuel suppliers in the Philippines to power their various facilities. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the use of bunker fuel is similar to that of steel manufacturing. Bunker fuels are used to generate heat or steam, which is then used to create medicines and other pharmaceutical products. Bunker fuels can also be used to power plastic production to create equipment such as IV bags, surgical tools, heart valves, and many more.


Fuel is also needed in the harvest, manufacture, and packaging of various food products. A bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines provides a cost-efficient and readily available way to process raw materials to create finished food products, as well as produce agricultural products like fertilizers and pesticides.


In power plants, the chemical energy stored in bunker fuels can be converted into other kinds of energy, such as thermal, mechanical, and electrical energy. Take for example combustion engines. A bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines provides fuel to be burned under pressure, which creates hot exhaust gases that turn the machinery to generate electricity. The steam can also be used to drive a second turbine system.


The marine industry burns tonnes of bunker fuel every day to propel their massively loaded vessels forward. Bunker fuel is used in a combustion chamber to release thermal and steam energy, which is funneled towards the ship’s propelling system.


Why Choose Lubri-Chem as your Bunker Fuel Supplier in the Philippines

Lubri-Chem offers the best-performing fuels, lubricants, and supporting products in the country. We are also a leading bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines, supporting various industries in a way that only we could. We claim these titles because Lubri-Chem:


Offers Only High-Performance Products

The products we offer are developed by teams of scientists, researchers, engineers, and other professionals. We distribute products that have been used for years and are still widely in use in the industry today. Any bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines should keep the quality and performance of their products a priority. Our expertise and experience in fuels will surely enhance your operations. We also have confidence in the companies manufacturing the products we distribute.


Features Shell Products

Lubri-Chem has a partnership with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC), making it an authorized distributor of Shell products. Shell is a top player in the petroleum and energy industry, and its products are often the first choice for businesses in need of fuel. The company’s reputation speaks for itself, and as a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines, we ensure that our clients only get premium fuels and offer the following advantages:

  • Lower operating costs—Shell bunker fuels are designed to help improve fuel efficiency by up to 3% and in turn, reduce fuel oil consumption.
  • Lower local emissions—Meet local legislative requirements with our bunker fuels, which lower particulate emissions and black smoke by up to 70%, without the need to tune your boiler or equipment.
  • Lower CO₂ emissions—Shell formulas are specially designed to promote more efficient fuel combustion.
  • Reduced maintenance—Thanks to their ‘keep clean’ component, Shell bunker fuels create less residue. This lessens your need to clean fuel systems, boilers, engines, and chimneys, which lessens maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Improved reliability and performance—Enhanced combustion and heat transfer properties allow your systems to run more powerfully and reliably, which increases productivity.


Get your Fuels and Lubricants from Lubri-Chem: The Leading Bunker Fuel Supplier in the Philippines!

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