Lubri-Chem — Best Hydraulic Oil Supplier in the Philippines


Hydraulics is where energy and power are transferred via fluids. These systems are used in various machines and equipment across multiple industries. A hydraulic oil supplier in the Philippines provides much-needed substances utilized extensively in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and more. Name any type of business in the world, and there’s a high chance that they have machines using hydraulics in their operations.


Applications of Hydraulic Oils


When we think of lubricating fluids, we can say that hydraulic oils are one of the most important ones out there. This is why choosing a hydraulic oil supplier in the Philippines is crucial to your operations. Whatever the application, there is the right kind of hydraulic lubricant to fit the situation, and your supplier will be able to match the right one for the job. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some common applications of hydraulic oils.


Heavy Machinery

Hydraulic fluids are often used for vehicles, particularly for heavy machineries such as bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and more. These vehicles use hydraulics to create enough force to move materials and other equipment. In this application, oil is used between cylinders to transfer power efficiently and in brakes to assist in maneuvering the machine effectively. Working with a hydraulic oil supplier in the Philippines will allow you to meet high-pressure, heavy-load demands by providing fluids with higher viscosity and anti-wear additives.

Marine Transportation

Boats and ships require hydraulic systems to initiate and perform maneuvers. This is why many look for a bunker fuel supplier in the Philippines. These suppliers assist the marine industry in supplying the right kind of oil for their circumstances. This is especially important as their oils need to be biodegradable, due to industry regulations. It is also necessary that suppliers can provide options that are long-lasting and viable for use in cold, wet environments.

Industrial Systems

High-pressure environments, such as those of manufacturers, fabricators, and more, need hydraulic systems for their machines to meet production demands. Examples of these are die-casting machines, hydraulic presses, and the like. Looking for industrial lubricants in the Philippines? Heavy-duty hydraulic oil from a supplier in the Philippines is necessary for these machines to cope with the large amounts of force and stress they are exposed to daily. Some hydraulic oils come with additives for anti-wear properties, which is especially useful for manufacturing and construction applications.


Why You Need a Hydraulic Oil Supplier in the Philippines

This useful fluid acts as a conduit of power, sealant, coolant, and lubricant for machinery and equipment. With so many uses, having a steady supply of this fluid is key to keeping your operations running smoothly. Thus, having a reliable hydraulic oil supplier in the Philippines is one of the key factors every business should consider. With the right supplier, you will receive the following advantages: 


Wear Protection

The key role of hydraulic oil from a supplier in the Philippines is to transfer the power generated from the system through the machine’s components. Usually, parts can become warped and even damaged when exposed to extreme force. But with the addition of hydraulic oils, components can withstand stress, and effectively transfer power without becoming worn down. This is necessary for high-pressure environments where machines undergo frequent operations. Additionally, to achieve their functions, they have to be hydrolytically stable. Meaning hydraulic oils protect against corrosion and rust, further enhancing the equipment’s resistance to damage and wear. 

Longer Operation Times

Because hydraulic oils protect against wear, they also result in longer operation times. With the use of high-quality hydraulic oils from a supplier in the Philippines, your systems can operate efficiently without the need for extensive checking or maintenance. Filters of hydraulic systems are also assisted with the use of hydraulic oils, as these substances also serve as contaminants eliminators. With the reduced presence of contaminants, these systems can function without hindrance. Thus, machinery and equipment can attain longer service cycles than before. 

System Efficiency

Hydraulic oil from a supplier in the Philippines is used in various machinery and equipment to carry out several functions. They deliver power, lubricate components, reduce heat transfer, and filter out debris and other contaminants. Furthermore, some hydraulic oils contain specific additives and technology to enhance their capabilities. These substances can stand up against great pressures, temperatures, and other conditions without fail. Optimal operations even under such conditions are possible thanks to the presence of hydraulic oils.


Why Choose Lubri-Chem as Your Hydraulic Oil Supplier

Lubri-Chem has been a trusted supplier of hydraulic oil in the Philippines since 1975. We are committed to delivering practical and highly valuable products to all of our customers, and this is backed up by our choice partnership as well as superior services. We also ensure that you find the perfect hydraulic oil for your needs. With Lubri-Chem, you don’t just get up-front benefits, we work hard to continuously deliver advantages to your operations.


Partnered with an Industry Leader

Fast, reliable, and highly efficient products and services are the heart of our company. To better provide this, we have partnered with Shell — making us the leading authorized supplier of top-grade hydraulic oils in the country. As a trusted hydraulic oil supplier in the Philippines, we provide a reliable supply of products, dedicated customer services, and a wide range of hydraulic fluids. Lubri-Chem enables equipment operators to select suitable fluids and receive the best after-sales care, resulting in optimum value to their operations. 

Real-World Value Delivery

Lubri-Chem is dedicated to providing the right lubricant solution to increase the productivity of your operations. While many other companies would focus on individual components, we choose to look more broadly. As a result, our hydraulic oil products have been statistically proven to benefit the complete hydraulic system — improving the energy efficiency of the system in which it is used. Our products can help increase oil life as well as equipment life through excellent, system-centric design. 

Consistent and Reliable Performance

As systems differ considerably across companies and industries, it is hard to find a product that fits and provides consistent, reliable performance regardless of application. Luckily, hydraulic oil from a supplier like Lubri-Chem guarantees that not only is it compatible with your machinery, but your hydraulics will also be protected from wear and corrosion for long machine life. Our products are uniquely formulated to help ensure outstanding reliability and efficiency of various equipment types. Whatever your need, we have just the product to cope with the intended use, whether that’s for hot, wet, or dusty environments or high-precision operations.


The Features and Benefits of our Hydraulic Oils

Lubri-Chem’s hydraulic oils are designed using highly refined materials and innovative technology to create premium products. All of our oils are anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation that allow any hydraulic system to operate under very harsh conditions.


Long Fluid Life

The longer the fluid life, the less maintenance, and replacement is required by your operators. Therefore, long fluid life is critical to allowing your workflows to continue without significant interruption. With our fluids crafted with extra-long-life synthetic technologies, you’re guaranteed a product that can last up to four times the standard oil life, which contributes to cost-effectivity and operational productivity. Additionally, as a supplier of hydraulic oil from the Philippines, we have a wide range of fluids, meaning you can match your desired oil life to your operational needs. 

Outstanding Wear Protection

Hydraulic pumps are the heart of every hydraulic system. However, they experience a great amount of stress, which can reduce efficiency and effectively cut its service life by several years. Lubri-Chem offers a solution for this dilemma with our various hydraulic oil products, made using new, value-adding lubricant techniques. These fluids are designed to provide outstanding wear protection using zinc-based additive technology, resulting in extended system life, even under the most severe conditions. 

Enhances System Efficiency

For machinery and equipment to work as per design standards, the right fluids to protect, lubricate, and transmit power efficiently throughout the hydraulic system are needed. As the top hydraulic oil supplier in the Philippines, our products are especially suited to maintain and even improve the efficiency of your systems. Using advanced technology and high-grade materials, we also provide enhanced and reliable release, filterability, and cleanliness. With Lubri-Chem, you can optimize your machinery and dramatically cut costs and wastage.

Improved Cleanliness

The Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) develops standards for virtually every field of manufacture and development, including what hydraulic oils and lubricants should be used in machinery for safety purposes. All of our hydraulic oils meet the demanding cleanliness requirements of DIN, ensuring that we continue to provide safe and hygienic protection as well as improved filter performance.


Protect Your Systems with Lubri-Chem, the Leading Supplier of Hydraulic Oil in the Philippines

Hydraulic oils are used in an impressively wide range of machinery and equipment, in numerous industries. Lubri-Chem has been at the forefront of the lubrication industry ever since its establishment in 1975. With our partnership with a global leader — Shell — we provide the Philippine market with only the highest quality fluids.

We are the leading supplier of hydraulic oil in the Philippines due to our ability to consistently provide premium lubricants that support operations across sectors and meet international standards and requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our product specifications, and how our team can help you streamline your operations.