Engine Oil Supplier In The Philippines: Lubri-Chem


The engine produces the power needed to make a vehicle move. But without engine oil, this component would malfunction and even lead to failure. This is where Lubri-chem, an engine oil supplier in the Philippines, can help you. Keep on reading!


Uses Of Engine Oil

An engine oil’s main role is to act as a lubricant for the moving parts in an engine. But besides that, it also has other features that can lead to better engine performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity.


Reduce Friction

When an engine runs, moving metal parts make contact with each other. This leads to constant friction, which could cause increased wear and tear to the engine parts and decreased engine performance.

But when you use engine oil, it acts as a protective layer on the moving parts of the engine, which reduces the friction produced.

Stop Corrosion

A good quality engine oil will not just lubricate the engine components but also prevent unwanted chemical reactions that can lead to corrosion. This is important as corroded components can malfunction and increase your emissions.

Look for an engine oil supplier in the Philippines that offers a product with corrosion inhibitors. This can help reduce oil oxidation, thereby ensuring the performance and longevity of your engine.

Prevent Overheating

To provide power, an engine goes through the combustion process. On top of the constant friction, this leads to higher temperatures — which can lead to overheating, seizing, and engine deterioration.

Along with your coolant, the engine oil will take some of the heat away from the engine. In addition to that, it also reduces the friction that produces the heat in the first place.

Remove Contaminants

The engine oil carries the microscopic deposits towards the oil filter to prevent a decrease in performance in the engine. An engine oil supplier in the Philippines such as Lubri-Chem can offer lubricants that can control deposits. This way, the particles won’t cause additional friction to the engine — leading to damage.

Used In Different Industries

Engine oils are essential for vehicles — whether it’s a motorcycle, a car used for commuting, a truck for transporting goods, a tractor for a farm, or a construction loader. But you might need a different type of engine oil if you’re using industrial, marine, or high-speed auxiliary engines as these have specific oil requirements too. Fortunately, as an engine oil supplier in the Philippines, we can help you.


Engine Oils From Lubri-Chem

As a trusted engine oil supplier in the Philippines and an Authorized Shell Distributor, we offer a wide range of products that are suitable for different applications and industries. Here is a list of our engine oils:

Automotive Diesel Engine

For vehicles with automotive diesel engines, we offer a list of heavy-duty Shell Rimula and Helix engine oils for you to choose from. Depending on your specific requirements, you will find products that have low emission vehicle compatibility, maintenance saving, triple protection, extra performance, reliable lubrication, or cleaning features.

Our automotive diesel engine oils are suitable for vehicles on on-highway, off-highway, heavy-duty, agricultural, construction, commercial use, or passenger vehicle applications.

Industrial Diesel Engine

As an engine oil supplier in the Philippines, we can also provide a range of Shell power and stationary engine oils that have superior cooling performance, corrosion protection, or deposit control.

If that sounds like what you need, you can browse the Shell Argina, Gadinia, and Mysella variants. So if you need industrial lubricants in the Philippines, contact us for all of your needs!

Motorcycle Oils

To keep two-wheeled vehicles running at their optimum capacity, the Shell Advance motor oils are the best option. You can choose from top-tier, premium, conventional, and basic oils made with different technologies — such as the PurePlus and Active Cleansing — from Shell.

These products will meet and even exceed the requirements of most motorcycle manufacturers, which means that you can rely on their quality.

Marine Engine Oil

Whether it’s a marine engine burning heavy, residual, blended, distillate, hybrid, or bio-fuels, we are also a bunker fluid supplier in the Philippines! Our products have been specifically made and blended for low-speed or medium-speed marine engines too.

In this case, you can browse the Shell Alexia, Argina, and Gadinia engine oils. We also have a multifunction oil — such as the Shell Melina S30 which can also be used in many different items of marine equipment.

High-Speed Auxiliary Engine Oil

As a trusted engine oil supplier in the Philippines, we’re also not short of high-speed auxiliary engine oils. The Shell Rimula R4 X can offer protection to improve the durability of the engine and the oil. On the other hand, the Shell Rimula R3 can reduce wear and tear, resulting in extra engine performance.


Why Choose Lubri-Chem As Your Engine Oil Supplier In The Philippines

Here at Lubri-Chem, we have a list of engine oils suited to the different needs of our clients. Whether it’s a motorcycle, a heavy-duty vehicle, or a marine engine, you will find a lubricant that will fit your specific needs. With over 40 years of experience, you can trust us for all your lubricant requirements.


Leading Distributor Of Shell Products

Aside from our decades of experience as an engine oil supplier in the Philippines, our partnership with Shell shows our commitment to quality products that will satisfy our customer’s needs. As an authorized Shell distributor, you can trust us as your long-term partner of lubricants, greases, and fuels.

Fast Delivery Nationwide

Our customers are a testament to our fast delivery services, whether they’re in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. We know that our products are an essential part of maintaining different types of engines and equipment, so we are committed to getting your orders when you need them.

Excellent Customer Service

If you need assistance in choosing the right product, you’ve come to the right engine oil supplier in the Philippines. With our dedication to our customers, we have been privileged to receive multiple awards since 1996 which shows our technical expertise and dedicated customer service to our clients.


Are You Looking For An Engine Oil Supplier In The Philippines? Choose Lubri-Chem!

As a reputable engine oil supplier in the Philippines, we can provide you with a variety of engine oils to choose from. But with a long list of products available here at Lubri-Chem, you might be confused about what products are right for your requirements. If you need help, you can send us a message here today so we can offer our technical expertise.