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Lubricants are used to reduce friction, heat, and corrosion between surfaces. They have a wide array of uses in a variety of industries — ranging from the automotive, marine, to manufacturing industries. If you need high-performance lubricants in the Philippines, choose Lubri-Chem. We are the leading lubricant supplier in the Philippines that specializes in lubricants, grease fuels, bitumen, fuels, and Flintkote waterproofing.

Since our founding date in 1975, Lubri-Chem has supplied a comprehensive line of lubricants across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We are the authorized distributor of Shell lubricants in the Philippines. Whatever your application needs are, you can trust that we will find the superior oils and lubricants in the Philippines for your system


Why Lubri-Chem Is The Leading Lubricant Supplier In The Philippines

Not every lubricant supplier in the Philippines is equal. At Lubri-Chem, our lubricants products are made with an innovative “Low-SAPS” additive technology and unique anti-wear system to bring you the best formulations for your heavy-duty industrial applications. Our lubricants provide exceptional resistance to oxidation and maintain cleanliness while lowering emissions to provide optimum engine performance under even the harshest conditions.

To complement our lubricant distribution services in the Philippines, we offer a full line of lubrication reliability services including Shell LubeAnalyst, Shell LubeMatch, Shell LubeCoach, and Shell LubeAdvisor. These provide solutions for oil problem analysis, education, handling, storage, and other technical support.


  • Authorized distributor of Shell lubricants

Lubri-Chem is an industrial lubricant supplier in the Philippines that has partnered with Shell — the top global lubricant supplier backed by 70 years of expertise. As an authorized Shell lubricant distributor, we can assure you that the products Lubri-Chem offers are patented and top-of-the-line to provide better engine efficiency and sustainability.


  • A wide range of ultimate-performance synthetic lubricants

Lubri-Chem is the one-stop-shop for a wide range of synthetic lubricants. Whether you need diesel engine oils, industrial gear oils, turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, compressor lubricants, turbine oils, refrigeration oils, or marine engine oils — rest assured we can be your best lubricant supplier in the Philippines.


  • Decades of experience in the lubricant industry

Lubri-Chem has been in the business of distributing lubricants since 1975. We take pride in being a professional lubricant supplier in the Philippines. With over 45 years of experience, we were able to supply lubricants all over the country backed by the technical expertise, professionalism, and excellent customer service of our team.


  • Fast nationwide delivery

Lubri-Chem has established a name for itself for being a lubricant supplier in the Philippines that offers a fast nationwide delivery. After requesting a quote and ordering from our online site, your lubricant products can be delivered no matter where you may be in the country.


Lubri-Chem Lubricant Products

Lubri-Chem is a lubricant supplier in the Philippines that you can rely on to have a wide range of lubricant products available including gear oils, engine oils, turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, marine oils, air compressor oils, and more. As an authorized distributor of Shell lubricants nationwide, we deliver products that are refined by patented additive technology to provide better efficiency, performance, and protection. See how our lubricants work to clean and protect your engine, helping to prolong its life.


  • Automotive diesel engine oil

To meet your automotive needs, Lubri-Chem is an engine oil supplier in the Philippines and that provide outstanding performance demonstrated in millions of kilometers of travel with demanding traffic conditions. Available in Shell Rimula R6 LM 10W-40 (Fully Synthetic), Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (Fully Synthetic), Rimula R4 L 15W-40 (CK-4), Rimula R4 X 15W-40 (CI-4), Rimula R3 + 40 (CF/228.1), Rimula R3 + 30 (CF/228.1), Helix Ultra Diesel 5W-40 (CF), Helix HX7 Diesel 10W-30 (CF), Helix HX5 Diesel 15W-40 (CF), and more.


As a reliable lubricant supplier in the Philippines, we made sure Lubri-Chem’s extensive range of engine oils offer long-term protection, efficiency, and cleanliness from deposit blockage and hot corrosion, which are formulated for most heavy-duty diesel and natural gas engines from European, US, and Japanese manufacturers in both on and off-highway applications.


  • Industrial gear oils

The longer the gear oil’s life, the less maintenance the engine or equipment will require, allowing you to continue operations without interruption. This is why as a renowned lubricant supplier in the Philippines, Lubri-Chem offers a range of Shell Omala industrial gear oils which are formulated for both marine and automotive applications.

To make sure your industrial gear oils are working optimally, you can choose from the Shell Omala S2 G 68, Omala S2 G 100, Omala S2 G 150, Omala S2 G 220, Omala S2 G 320, Omala S4 GX 220 (Synthetic), Omala S1 W 680, and other industrial gear oils to benefit from long oil life, excellent corrosion protection, and superior friction resistance.


  • Turbine oils

Lubri-Chem is an authorized Shell turbine oil distributor in the Philippines that has been trusted as the industry standard for delivering optimum operation value through excellent oxidation control, resistance to foaming, anti-wear, and robust demulsibility. Our turbine oils available for distribution across the Philippines include the Shell Turbo T 32, Turbo T 46, Turbo T 68, and Turbo DR 46.


  • Hydraulic fluids

Looking for a hydraulic oil supplier in the Philippines? Lubri-Chem’s extensive range of multifunctional Shell hydraulic fluids is designed to provide key benefits such as outstanding wear protection, maintenance of system efficiency, and long fluid life. They are ideal for industrial, marine, and mobile power applications because of their ability to resist heat and mechanical stress, and deposit build-up.


Available Shell hydraulic fluids include the Tellus S2 MX 22, Tellus S2 MX 32, Tellus S2 MX 46, Tellus S2 MX 68, Tellus S2 MX 100, Tellus S2 VX – 15, Tellus S3 M 46, Irus Fluid C, Morlina S2 – BL 10, and more.


  • Air compressor oils

Compressed air systems are commonly used in industrial plants to keep operations optimal. The majority of air compressors in the Philippines need lubricants to prolong the life of bearings and gear even under high heat and pressure conditions.


Choosing Lubri-Chem as your lubricant supplier in the Philippines provides you with high-performance Shell air compressor oils like the Corena S2 P 68 (Piston)

Corena S2 P 100 (Piston), Corena S4 P 100 (Piston, Synthetic), and Corena S4 R 46 (Screw, Synthetic).


Different Uses of Lubricants

Lubricants are fluid substances used to reduce friction, heat, and corrosion between surfaces, all of which are crucial for the optimal performance of engines and equipment. They have a variety of uses across different industries — from marine, automotive, to manufacturing.

Lubricants increase the overall productivity of businesses. This is why the demand for a lubricant supplier in the Philippines is significantly high. Here is a detailed look into the different uses of lubricant oils:


  • Prevents metal surface corrosion

Many people don’t realize just how important lubricants are for maintaining engine efficiency. Lubricants corrosion between metal surfaces. If lubricant oil is not applied regularly inside your equipment, then corrosion build-up will interfere with its combustion process. Make sure your engine functions optimally with a lubricant supplier in the Philippines.


  • Reduces friction between load-bearing surfaces

Parts that are forced to work harder due to friction affect engine emission and efficiency. Lubricants work by reducing friction between surfaces of operating heavy machines. As a result, this leads to less mechanical wear, less maintenance as well as cost-savings from longer engine life.


  • Controls heat between surfaces

We all know how crucial it is to control heat between engine surfaces. Lubricants help ensure the temperature of engines is cool to keep operations optimal. In the end, you get to avoid damaged radiators, gears, and leaking coolant.


Choose Lubri-Chem As Your Lubricant Supplier In The Philippines!

Lubricants protect machines and engines from the harshest working conditions such as corrosion, pressure, friction, and high heat. Make sure your industrial operations remain productive by choosing Lubri-Chem as your lubricant supplier in the Philippines!

Since 1975, we have established our name as one of the most reliable lubricant suppliers in the country for industries such as marine, automotive, and manufacturing. We have gained decades of experience and we are an authorized Shell lubricant distributor. Our headquarters are located at 31 General Malvar Street, Brgy, Bagong Barrio West, Caloocan, Metro Manila.

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