Lubri-Chem: Leading Industrial Lubricants in the Philippines


Industries continuously search for ways to raise the efficiency of their processes and performances. Needless to say, the capabilities of their machines are key, and industrial lubricants in the Philippines are an integral component to raising these machines’ productivity and effectiveness. High-quality lubricants simply result in better industrial performance.


Uses of Industrial Lubricants

Lubricants are used in many industries, from marine transportation to food production. There are many reasons why industrial lubricants in the Philippines are so widely used — they reduce friction, prevent wear and tear, and reduce heat transfer, to name a few.


Increases Efficiency

A good industrial lubricant in the Philippines can greatly reduce the friction produced within a machine. When this friction is minimized, there is less heat generated. When there is less friction and heat, your machines will be able to perform at its best for much longer. Thus, industrial lubricants both directly and indirectly influence the efficiency of your machines, as well as your industrial processes. In essence, choosing an industrial lubricant in the Philippines that provides maximum friction protection will allow for maximum machine efficiency.

Boosts Machine Performance

Industrial lubricants in the Philippines fulfill another primary function: boosting machine performance. Lubricants are used to transfer the energy generated within machines effectively, which then reduces the amount of fuel and effort needed for the machine to reach optimum operation. Lubricants also aid greatly in reducing the need for maintenance and repair of all machines and equipment it is used on. The less they require, the easier it is to continue operating the machines. This low maintenance also reduces the need for extensive maintenance crew workload almost immediately, with savings apparent soon after.

Provide Greater Operational Reliability

Lubricants carry out the wear and tear residue and other material particulates that may damage the machine if not filtered out. If your industrial lubricants from the Philippines are low-quality, chances are that they are unable to carry out this function effectively. These contaminants lead to deterioration of machine parts — which impacts its operational lifespan and reliability. If your machine experiences this, then you are unable to rely on it to function consistently and efficiently for long periods. For this reason, industrial lubricants (and choosing the best one) is crucial to ensuring your machine can perform as intended, and for as long as possible. 


Lubri-Chem’s Industrial Lubricant Products

Lubri-Chem Philippines Distributors, Inc. has an extensive range of high-performance industrial lubricants from the Philippines. Our line of products includes highly versatile, general-purpose, as well as heavy-duty lubricants. All of which provide superior performance and protection capabilities than others in the market. 


Hydraulic Fluids

To meet the challenges of any industry, as well as any range of hydraulic machines and equipment, we offer a wide portfolio of hydraulic fluids to help you find the option that best suits your industrial needs and applications. All of our hydraulic fluids are designed with extra-long-life synthetic technologies, which enable them to last up to four times the standard lifespan of industrial lubricants in the Philippines. We also offer cost-effective, reliable products for those seeking fluids for less demanding applications.

Industrial Gear Oils

As the top hydraulic oil supplier in the Philippines, our industrial gear oils aim to achieve more than other options in the market. Thus, they are formulated to function much longer. The longer an oil’s life, the less fluid maintenance your equipment requires, so it can continue to operate without interruption. Customers using our products experience an extended oil-drain interval of up to 200% for some applications.

Turbine Oils

We have a range of turbine oils for power companies, plant operators, and other like customers to select the right lubricant for their job. Thus, we enable our customers to select the best industrial lubricants in the Philippines that will deliver optimum value for their application — no matter how demanding or niche the application may be. Our turbine oils also offer enhanced protection, long oil life, and high system efficiency.

Greases and Compounds

From greases that offer reliable performance for standard applications to specialized compounds for heavy-loads, high-temperature, and low-noise uses — Lubri-Chem has got it all. Our industrial lubricants from the Philippines have been carefully developed to deliver enhanced wear protection, product life, and system efficiency. We seek to provide not only the best solution for your machines but also the best value for your purchase. 

Miscellaneous Lubes

Our miscellaneous lubes meet a variety of applications. We offer industrial lubricants in the Philippines capable of meeting the special operational requirements of pneumatic tools, including percussion types, which are subjected to the most arduous conditions. We also have lubes that provide for excellent mist lubrication of general-purpose air tools. Lubri-Chem also carries paraffinic process oils for the use of extender or carrier fluids.

Our company also offers specially developed gas compressor oil for cylinder lubrication of reciprocating compressors handling natural gas at high pressure. Another in our line of miscellaneous industrial lubricants is our degassing fluid, which provides premium performance capable of meeting even the most stringent requirements of an oil and grease solvent.


Why Choose Lubri-Chem’s Industrial Lubricants

Lubri-Chem Philippines Distributors, Inc. seeks to provide our customers with only the best industrial lubricants in the Philippines. We seek to enhance our client’s equipment protection and enable optimum performance for their industrial systems, machinery, and equipment. 


Authorized Shell Distributor

To meet the challenges of a wide range of equipment designs and applications, Lubri-Chem offers a wide portfolio of lubricants as an authorized Shell distributor. We know that to be the best in the industry, we have to partner with the best. Our partnership with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) allows us to source and provide only top-of-the-line industrial lubricants. Our partnership also allows us to meet the needs of more specialized industrial needs, including marine, aircraft, and heavy-load applications.

Extra Protection, Extra Performance

As they are formulated with close attention to the needs of actual end-users, they can perfectly meet the protection and performance requirements of our customers. Lubri-Chem’s industrial lubricants in the Philippines are designed in close cooperation with customers and equipment makers to meet specific needs. Thus, they consistently outperform other lubricants in the market, allowing machines and equipment to operate at or beyond their original design parameters. We provide extra protection, which results in a boosted performance of your machines and equipment. 

Excellent Stability and Emulsibility

Lubri-Chem’s industrial lubricants from the Philippines are designed to have excellent stability and emulsibility. These two characteristics are key to making long-lasting lubricants. And, the longer your lubricants last, the longer your machine and equipment components can operate without the need for human intervention or maintenance. Our products enable your operations to continue without interruption. In addition, our comprehensive product range enables you to select an industrial lubricant with a life that best meets your operational needs.


Achieve Peak Performance with Lubri-chem: The Supplier of the Best Industrial Lubricants in the Philippines 

In any industry, your machines and equipment may be exposed to some of the most demanding working conditions, temperature fluctuations, pressure, stress, and heavy and high loads. The way to keep your tools in good working condition lies in proper lubrication.

To achieve peak performance, choose the best industrial lubricants in the Philippines — choose Lubri-Chem. Our extensive portfolio includes both standard and specialized products for all types of industrial environments. All of our offers are designed to protect your equipment against wear and tear, reduce costs and need for maintenance, prolong operation time, and boost efficiency.

As the most reputable lubricant supplier in the Philippines, Lubri-Chem has the right industrial lubricant for your needs. Contact us today and we can begin discussing which of our products is right for you!