5 Advantages of Using the Best Diesel Engine Oil

What are the advantages of using the best diesel engine oil?

  1. Better lubrication
  2. Improves fuel efficiency
  3. Increases engine life
  4. Enhances engine performance
  5. Keeps engines clean

Oil is an essential part of the proper function and maintenance of any engine. Be it synthetic, semi-synthetic, or mineral diesel engine oils, they play a critical role in ensuring an engine’s continuous performance and reliability.

That being said, not all diesel engine oils are made equally. And, with such a necessary component to your vehicle’s performance, choosing lubricants of better quality is important to its performance. Doing so can help your engine in many ways — here are the advantages of using the best diesel engine oil in the Philippines.

Better Lubrication

Lubrication is the main function of diesel engine oil: it runs through all the components of the engine and forms a layer of protection all along the moving mechanical parts. Lubrication here is important, as all the engine components are made of hard metals — if they come into contact without lubrication, they can cause friction, which can cause them to heat up and become damaged.

The quality and type of the engine oils make all the difference in how well the parts are lubricated. Lower quality engine oils may use low quality base oils, which have uneven and inconsistent oil molecules. This inconsistency makes friction more likely to occur. High-quality engine oils tend to use high quality base oils, which offer evenly-sized oil molecules to better protect your engine from friction.

Improves Fuel Efficiency

Improves Fuel Efficiency

Without a good diesel engine oil, there will be plenty of friction between the moving parts of the engine. This can cause temperatures to rise, and more energy is lost through the increased rates of combustion and friction between moving parts. When energy is lost, fuel efficiency is reduced — meaning you end up spending more on gas.

Switching to a higher quality diesel engine oil makes your engines run smoother and more efficiently. This is thanks to their improved flow and viscosity (which is commonly achieved by using synthetic oils). These improved characteristics greatly reduce the amount of friction that occurs within the engine, which then translates to more efficient fuel use. Less burning of petrol happens in the cylinder, so less fuel is needed to generate power to run the vehicle. With great diesel engine oils, you can experience better fuel efficiency figures even after continuous use through different climate conditions.

Increases Engine Life

All the metal-to-metal contact that happens within the engine is prevented by the lubrication that engine oils provide. But, on top of friction, vehicle owners also have to account for corrosion. Fuel combustion within the engine also creates a corrosive acid that can eat away at engine oils and gradually damage exposed metal parts in the engine. Low-quality oils fail to hold out against these acids, and sticking with these oils can eventually lead to engine failure.

Luckily, there are premium additives used on higher quality diesel engine oils. These additives actively protect the oil against corrosion, and can even slow down the effects of corrosion. Other formulas feature adaptive molecules, which are specially designed to react against heat, pressure, and corrosion. This allows the diesel engine oils to protect themselves from such elements, thus greatly increasing their lifespan.

Enhances Engine Performance

Enhances Engine Performance

Of course, the better the engine oil, the better the engine performance. Low-quality diesel engine oils are not formulated to draw out better performances from your vehicle’s engines. This is because they are made as cheaply as possible and forgo any additional or higher quality components, and lack extensive research and development. As they have less beneficial additives or chemicals, they cannot adapt to the extensive requirements of your engines.

With high-quality diesel engine oils, you gain not only efficiency but improved performance. This is because they offer many improved characteristics — such as more consistent viscosity and longer lifespan — that directly benefit how smoothly your engine runs. Different products use specially formulated compounds and state-of-the-art technology to specifically enhance key aspects of engine performance.

Keeps Engines Clean

The cleanliness of your engine is another critical factor for its ongoing performance and reliability. This is where engine oils come in — they provide a way to clean the hard-to-reach inner components of your engine.

Here, microscopic deposits can build up in the engine. These deposits are composed of dirt, dust, debris, and even residue from the combustion process. Without engine oil, there would be no way to carry out these deposits. And, this would result in a clog, and hamper its performance.

Cheaply made diesel engine oils are not as efficient in suspending and cleaning out foreign impurities from within the engine. You’re more likely to experience some clogging and damage with them. However, high-grade engine oils are smoother and can transport all the impurities toward the oil filter, before filtering back into the engine. Some formulas even offer synthesized molecules that actively block deposit-forming particles to help keep engines clean and protected.

How To Choose The Best Diesel Engine Oil In The Philippines

As you know by now, not all diesel engine oils are made the same. This is why the oil selection process is important — you have to choose one that is not only suited to your vehicle but also provides additional benefits to make it a cost-effective selection.

This is especially true for today’s vehicles, which need to keep pace with increasing industry demands. Diesel engine oils nowadays have to do more to improve performance and engine life. But where can you source high-quality diesel engine oils?

With Lubri-Chem, you can find the best diesel engine oil in the Philippines. We offer only top-of-the-line products, specially formulated by Shell – The Shell Rimula range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils. Shell Rimula has a wide range of options that suit all types of diesel engines currently available in the market. All Shell Rimula products include advanced formulations, backed by extensive research and development together with engine manufacturers, to actively protect your engine so it can do what it does best, to make your business grow and run smoothly.

Extend your engine life, and unlock optimal performance — even in the most demanding conditions — with Lubri-Chem’s diesel engine oils!

Key Takeaway

When it comes to the lifespan and performance of your vehicle’s engine, diesel engine oils play an important part in it. That’s why using the best diesel engine oil in the Philippines from Lubri-Chem is crucial in ensuring your vehicle is smooth running, fuel-efficient, and high-performance. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages our products offer, and how we can help you.