Why Choose Lubri-Chem As Your Hydraulic Oil Supplier

Why choose Lubri-Chem as your hydraulic oil supplier?

  1. Experienced B2B supplier
  2. Stellar reputation
  3. Streamline inventory
  4. Fast service
  5. Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  6. High-quality products

Choosing the right hydraulic oils for your equipment is one of the most important steps in the lubricant selection process. But, an equally important yet often forgotten step is choosing the right supplier.

Picking a company that not only meets your business needs but also forms a strong strategic relationship with you is paramount. If you’re in the process of choosing a supplier, this is a chance to ally with a trusted organization that will help you achieve your goals — Lubri-Chem.

Read on to see all the reasons why you should choose Lubri-Chem as your hydraulic oil supplier, and what sets us apart from other suppliers in the country.

Experienced B2B Supplier

Experienced B2B Supplier

Experience is fundamental. A supplier in its first years of business may have all the knowledge they need regarding hydraulic oil selection, but likely has significant gaps in knowledge. Only decades of service will equip organizations with valuable knowledge on managing crises, and maintaining a strategic partnership with other organizations.

That being said, Lubri-Chem has well over four decades of experience in the field. Our years of work have equipped us with the skills and competencies we need to better overcome any problems that may arise regarding our hydraulic oils.

We understand what it means to be a valuable partner — while we deliver premium products, we know that this is not enough. As your partner, we take extra steps to maintain close business ties, to better understand your situation and business. This way, we ensure that we not only meet your needs but help your company ultimately become more efficient in every regard.

Stellar Reputation

Reputation is another thing to consider when picking out a business partner. You only want to work with an organization you can trust to meet all the demands of your contract, and can reliably provide quality service.

The best way to gauge the reputation of a hydraulic oil supplier is through customer references and reviews.

In our decades of service, we have served nearly every kind of company and industry imaginable — and have built a stellar reputation for ourselves. This is thanks to our dedication to quality, and going the extra mile in supplying only the best products and customer service.

Streamline Inventory

Streamline Inventory

Another reason to have us on board is that we can help you streamline your inventory. Working with multiple suppliers for your hydraulic oil puts pressure on your accounting, purchasing, and receiving teams. The more suppliers you partner with, the more they have to manage.

With Lubri-Chem, you can do away with this complicated purchasing and receiving process. We have a wide array of hydraulic oils — which ensure we can meet nearly every demand you have. On top of that, we carry a variety of other lubricants, like motor oils, bunker fuels, compressor lubricants, and more.

Working with us, you can streamline your inventory, reduce the number of discrete purchase orders, and consolidate your accounts. Having us as your sole supplier will ensure all your lubrication needs are met, with less oversight required. Plus, you can take advantage of discounts — we offer special deals for volume orders!

Fast Service

Lead time on hydraulic oil and product-on-hand can become issues, especially when dealing with sudden problems like leaks and failures. But this may become an issue when a supplier does not have the capacity, manpower, or distribution network to accommodate your sudden hydraulic oil demands.

At Lubri-Chem, we understand that time is of the essence when you need hydraulic oils. We tackle lead times and emergencies in two ways. First is that we deliver your ordered stock as quickly as possible, and ensure you always have enough on-hand to mitigate sudden issues with our lubricants. The second is that we’re always ready to go and deliver emergency supplies and assist you with any issues that arise during operations. We guarantee fast delivery — from anywhere in Luzon, even down to Mindanao!

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We deliver the best hydraulic oils available in the market — but we go beyond quality products. We understand that the foundation of a strong strategic relationship is your evaluation of our work. So, we also take extra steps to provide services to better meet your business demands and machine specifications. This is why customer service and satisfaction are crucial to us.

Customer service at Lubri-Chem is not just a job — it’s an attitude. We give only the highest quality customer services to every one of our partners to nurture a mutually beneficial business relationship that, hopefully, lasts for years.

Whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding our products and services, our team is here to answer them. And, we will always respond promptly and be clear and concise about the solutions or products we discuss with you. Likewise, any changes or requests will be taken and processed rapidly.

High-Quality Products

When choosing a hydraulic oil supplier, you should always consider the quality and performance of their lubricants. It is important to ensure that the hydraulic oils are compatible with the machinery you’re operating. But you should also consider if they have any other additives or benefits to your operations.

Lubri-Chem has a long-standing partnership with Shell Lubricants — one of the leading producers of lubricants in the world. Their products are known for their world-class formulas with enhanced properties and lifespan. Through this partnership, we provide the fruits of Shell’s advanced R&D to our partners, providing high-performing hydraulic oils that benefit you and your operations in numerous ways.

We can provide a broad range of hydraulic oil solutions for all segments — from industrial to marine — ensuring that you receive only the best possible products. By using our high-tech hydraulic oils, you achieve more reliable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting hardware that can reach optimal performance.

Key Takeaway

There are many things to consider during the hydraulic oil selection process — including choosing the right supplier for the job.

If you need a reliable lubricant partner, consider all of the above reasons why you should choose Lubri-Chem as your hydraulic oil supplier. Our decades of work show our dedication to high-quality products and services, and our strategic partnership with Shell allows us to provide top-of-the-line lubricants. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us.