6 Reasons to Partner with Lubri-Chem

What are reasons to partner with Lubri-Chem?

  1. Authorized Shell distributor
  2. Diverse product line
  3. Extensive distribution network
  4. Improve inventory control
  5. Offers technical services

Picking out the proper lubricants for your vehicles and equipment is an important step in the lubrication process — but figuring out where to get them from is an equally important one. The source of your lubricants greatly influences the quality, lead time, and additional support your business receives. Thus, equal consideration to picking the correct lubricant supplier is key to keeping your operations smoothly.

But who is the ideal lubricant supplier for you? Lubri-Chem, the leading lubricant distributor in the Philippines, may be the right addition for you and your supply chain — here are six reasons to partner with Lubri-Chem.

Authorized Shell Distributor

To be the best distributor in the country, we know we have to partner with the best. That’s why for the last few decades, Lubri-Chem has been the authorized distributors of top-shelf Shell lubricants in the Philippines.

This allows us to carry and offer a broad range of high-quality products for all industrial and commercial segments — including demanding segments such as marine and manufacturing.

We also understand that businesses everywhere are looking for lubricant solutions that not only guarantee quality performance — but also high-tech benefits that reduce energy consumption, wear, maintenance costs, and much more. That’s why we carry a complete portfolio of specially formulated lubricants on top of our standardized products. This creates an optimized product mix that can service every piece of equipment or vehicle under your company.

With Lubri-Chem’s Shell lubricants, your company’s lubrication requirements are not only fulfilled, but you also receive a bevy of other benefits. This includes less waste, longer oil life, and greatly enhanced equipment performance, among others. The efficiency and quality of our products will result in even more benefits for your company. You’ll need smaller amounts of lubricants, minimal need for lubricant storage space, maintenance, administrative work, and experience fewer interruptions in production.

Diverse Product Line

Diverse Product Line

When choosing the right lubricant supplier for your business, you not only need to consider the performance of their products — but also how diverse their product lines are.

This consideration is especially important in complex operations, wherein business owners have to account for vastly different machinery and vehicles when choosing lubrication. When the supplier’s portfolio is limited, you stand the risk of sourcing from multiple suppliers, putting plenty of strain on your supply chain.

So when choosing a lubricant supplier, choose one with a diverse portfolio line that is compatible with all the equipment you’re using.

At Lubri-Chem, our diverse product catalog allows you to take on planned future growth areas of your facility. Thus, we can meet most (if not all) lubricant requirements for nearly every industry, which can increase supply efficiency and save you money.

Extensive Distribution Network

Lubri-Chem has a nationwide reach thanks to our long-lasting partnership with Shell lubricants. Through this partnership, we have access to Shell’s world-class products, technical expertise, and extensive research and development.

And, at Lubri-Chem, our brand rests on our technical professionalism, excellent customer service, as well as, reliable and quick delivery capabilities. This is how we were able to build and maintain an extensive network of distribution centers and customers — from Luzon to Mindanao. Wherever your business is located, you can rely on us to deliver your lubrication products on time and in perfect condition.

Improve Inventory Control

Improve Inventory Control

Delivery and transport times to your facilities are crucial to ensuring your ongoing operations. The right supplier should be able to achieve good lead times and deliver the lubricants in the appropriate volumes to make maintenance and handling much easier.

But this gets complicated when dealing with the wrong supplier — or getting your supplies from multiple sources. Each purchase order made needs to be tracked and accounted for, and lead times may not be ideal for your operations.

Partnering with Lubri-Chem and our guaranteed fast and accurate deliveries means that you can do away with all of these issues. This means that you can streamline your inventory management and receive the right products with less oversight, and divert time and effort to more pressing matters.

Offers Technical Services

Besides the quality of the lubricants, another good trait of the best lubricant supplier is whether or not they offer technical services.

At Lubri-Chem, you’ll receive services and support from our expert team that will help our lubrication solutions work effectively and efficiently. This will help save you additional costs, and avoid problems later on.

Partnering with us, you have access to several services — Shell LubeAnalyst, Shell LubeMatch, Shell LubeCoach, and Shell LubeAdvisor — all conducted with technical expertise to add value to our partnership. We also offer a direct line to our technical specialists for all our partners, so we can promptly provide such services.

Key Takeaway

While it might seem daunting to choose a lubricant oil supplier in the Philippines, it is critical to choose the best. And, with all the reasons to partner with Lubri-Chem, there is no doubt that we can become the best supplier for you and your company. We can provide the highest quality lubricants possible, complemented by our expert service and quick delivery — all to help your business run smoothly. Message us today to learn more about us, or to begin a partnership.