Why Choose Lubri-Chem As Your Oil Distributor in the Philippines

Why choose Lubri-Chem as my oil distributor?

  1. Expertise you can trust
  2. Products with over 100 years of innovation
  3. Providing reliable service and strategic partnerships since 1975
  4. A wide range of high-performance products

All bsinesses face performance challenges when it comes to its vehicles and equipment. But, with the right oil supplier and distributor, you can overcome these challenges with ease.

Partnering with an oil distributor in the Philippines is easier said than done — numerous factors go into finding the best choice for you and your business. If you’re searching for a reputable distributor with the knowledge and capacity to serve your business, you may look no further than Lubri-Chem.

In this post, we go into why you should choose Lubri-Chem as your distributor, and how you can experience value thanks to the products and services we offer.

Expertise you can trust

Since its establishment, Lubri-chem has offered premium lubrication solutions for both commercial and industrial applications. We have expertise in providing the best products and services to keep your equipment, machinery, and other tools moving — regardless of your industry or your field of application.

This expertise is founded on our deep understanding of industry demands and cost-efficient solutions. We understand that each application is unique, and therefore needs our special attention in picking out the right oils for the job. That, supported with our value-added services, is sure to perfectly fulfill your operating needs.

With our careful consideration of your unique situation, Lubri-Chem has become the industry standard. Our clients continue to work with us because we offer premium solutions that meet — and often exceed — the demands of their machinery. With our expert services, you will gain improved productivity, efficiency, and lifespan for all of your machines — even with highly demanding applications.

Products with over 100 years of innovation

Lubri-Chem offers innovative products made with advanced techniques and technologies. This is thanks to our strategic partnership with the global leader in petrochemical products — Shell. We strongly believe that the key to being the best distributor is by partnering with the best manufacturer.

Shell — formerly known as Royal Dutch Shell — is an international company with thousands of companies established all over the world, operating in the Philippines as Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC).

They are a global leader due to their innovative approaches towards advancing the chemical and physical properties of their products — all to better fulfill the increasingly complicated range of equipment designs and applications of today’s technology.

With over a hundred years of research and development, Shell’s products are uniquely formulated to best meet the needs of both commercial and specialized industrial needs. From marine to heavy-load applications, each oil product is formulated with close attention to the needs of actual end-users. Thus, they perfectly meet the protection and performance requirements of our customers.

Providing reliable service and strategic partnerships since 1975

Providing reliable service and strategic partnerships since 1975

Armed with our strategic partnership with PSPC, we were able to create an extensive and robust network for customers from Luzon down to Mindanao. We are well represented in strategically located terminals all over to ensure our business can easily reach all of our clients. Regardless of your location, trust that we have the services and manpower to deliver our expertise, fast and reliable deliveries, and excellent customer experiences.

We are also capable of providing several services to help you choose and maintain the best oil and lubricant products for your application. We offer the following services to support your operations:


We encourage our clients to understand the ins and outs of picking and using the right oil products for their machinery. To do so, we provide training for their staff, provided by our technical specialists. We cover areas such as:

  • The basics of lubrication
  • The basics of oil condition monitoring
  • How to store, handle, and dispense lubricant products
  • Product- and/or application-specific training
  • Health, safety, and hygiene practices for handling our products
  • How to interpret oil analysis results

Using this service allows you and your staff to maximize the performance and other advantages you could gain from our oil products.


This is our web-based service for product recommendations. LubeMatch is meant to supplement our technical help desks, and make the choosing process much easier for our clients and partners. It can assist OEMs in picking the right lubricants for a variety of applications, including industrial, transport, and consumer equipment and vehicles.


Aside from helping you choose and use our products as designed, we also provide services to assist you in the ongoing maintenance of oil products.

When you use LubeAnalyst, we test oil samples from your vehicles, equipment, and other machinery. These samples will undergo examination and testing, the results of which will indicate the condition of both the lubricant and the equipment it is used on.

Our technical reports include service oil monitoring, evaluation, engine performance monitoring, and analysis. This service is needed to locate potential problems before they can cause damage to your machinery, and identify possible causes. This is extremely beneficial for preventative maintenance practices, and for ensuring operational efficiency.


This is our personalized technical support, which we provide to all of our customers. We offer this through various channels — online, phone, and field visits — to ensure our clients and partners can reach us when needed. LubeAdvisor helps us understand your specific needs and queries, and how we can best answer them using our industry expertise and top-of-the-line oil products.

A wide range of high-performance products

A wide range of high-performance products

Lubri-Chem not only seeks to provide excellent service for all of our clients and partners — but also excellent lubricants for every industrial application in the Philippines. To do so, we curated an extensive range of the best products from various brands, all of which provide enhanced performance and protection capabilities compared to other products on the market.

To ensure that all of our products enable optimum performance for their intended industrial applications, we also take care to use strict quality checks and practices at every stage of our supply chain. From packaging to delivery, we go the extra mile to guarantee the consistency and reliability of our high-performance products.

Key Takeaway

Why should you choose Lubri-Chem as your oil distributor in the Philippines? The answer is simple — to achieve peak performance, you have to choose the best products and the most reliable distributors. Partnered with a global leader, and armed with an extensive portfolio of products and services, Lubri-Chem stands out from the rest.

We have a proven track record in supplying both standard and specialized products for all types of industrial environments. Contact us today to learn more about our products, services, and history — we’ll happily discuss any query you may have for us!